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Before you can use Home Sharing, make sure that all of your devices are on the same home network—in some cases, 1 The Apple TV App is available only in select countries and regions. On your Apple TV. On your Apple TV 4K or Apple TV (4th generation), go to Settings > Accounts > Home Sharing. On earlier models of Apple TV, go to Settings.

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The new iTunes Home Sharing option is probably the most fun feature of iOS How Does iTunes Home Sharing Work? Here's The Answer. by For one, this will only work as long as you’re. Get started with Home Sharing! Learn requirements for Home Sharing, how to turn on Home Sharing in iTunes, and how to set it up on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV and additional computers. Share your iTunes library over your home network. Use Home Sharing or Music Sharing to share your iTunes library between computers or devices. anyone on your network can see your iTunes library, the library name, and its contents. Sharing is for personal use and only works with computers on the same home network with Digital Rights.