Unusual jobs working from home

21 Odd Jobs You Have Probably Never Heard Of That Pay A Surprising Amount Of Money

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Unusual home working jobs – spread betting I’ve heard about people who work from home trading on the stock market with spread betting, but have never met one before! So I was pleased when Chris Chillingworth got in .

2. Speed up your typing and use shortcuts

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1. Improve your time management skills

Unusual Work From Home Jobs by Sara Sutton, FlexJobs CEO & Founder | November 5, Telecommuting and work from home jobs are available in many more industries and with many more job titles than you might expect. If you want to work from home, you should definitely give these work-at-home jobs a try. Job seekers can start earning money from home working in the most rare and unusual positions. Author Bio: Marie Surles is the President of foxmembeta.cf Some examples of work-at-home administrative jobs include Enrollment Specialist, Administrative Coordinator, Typist, Telephonic Interviewer, and Operations Assistant. From there, here are some interesting and – and maybe surprising – work-at-home jobs.